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Sandy Hickey

Scoliosis Related Issues

“Bowen Therapy has been able to treat both the physical pain and the emotional stress, an essential attribute for me, that other forms of treatment would not have been able to do. Thank you Seema!

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Amy Dudbridge

Lower back and hip pain

“I started seeing Seema for Bowen Therapy towards the end of last year as I was experiencing persistent problems with pain in my lower back and hips. I was at the point where sitting for even a few minutes would cause me pain spasms for the rest of the day.

In my first session Seema took a lot of care to get a full background of my day to day activities, not only with motion and things that would trigger the pain, but also understanding my diet, sleep, medication needs and other lifestyle factors.

Right from the first session Seema was able to give me some fantastic ideas of things I could work on to improve all of these areas and those improvements have gone on to make a massive difference. Seema’s knowledge around these subjects is really impressive and she continues to research the topics frequently so is always up to date.

The Bowen therapy itself was very unique compared to therapies I’ve had in the past. It was very gentle but I could feel it having a significant effect. The most noticeable was when Seema worked on my jaw to get it realigned and stop it clicking. The treatment worked very well.

As a result of my sessions with Seema I now have a lot greater range of movement in my joints, everything is aligned properly and I get a lot less pain. Any pain that does crop up from time to time goes away quickly by moving and I don’t need painkillers for my back any more!

Thank you so much for your continued care and support Seema, I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who experience pain on a daily basis.”

Mieke Gadd

Sports Injuries

“Seema, you have fixed my hip, straightened my shoulders, straightened my spine and given me my life back and I owe you the world.

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